Two Days in Jaisalmer

With the Trains more than 2 hours late I arrived slowly into the golden city of Jaisalmer with my hostel bookings already done through the app I did not have to search for a room and plus I had the added advantage of a pickup from the Railway Station. I had just called them in the morning to let them know that my train was late.

As soon I got down from the Train and out of the station there were many people with boards from various hotels I found mine, boarded the Rick and reached the hotel.

The hotel was a nice little place and offered a nice view of the Fort and the city. I had booked a be for Rs 60 but as they had given the bed to someone else I got the bigger room all for myself and that too for no added cost.

Things to do in Jaisalmer

According to my plan, I had planned for a non-tourist desert safari but as my train was late I had to settle for the tourist Desert Safari. Which included Jeep ride, followed by a camel ride to a dune to watch the Sunset followed by some dance and Dinner for about 1500 which was a little costly as I came to know at the fort the next day while talking to the locals and they said that it can go as low as Rs.800. The Desert safari though was fun a ride to the Desert and watch the beautiful Sunset was worth the visit after a tiring 12-hour journey from Jaipur to Jaisalmer. Something in the Rajasthan air that doesn’t make you tired and even if you do get tired the sights and sounds just take away the tiredness.

After the safari we were taken back to our rooms, I slept early as I had to get up early the next day for the local sight-seeing.

Jaisalmer Fort

The next day started with visiting the Jaisalmer fort also known as Sonar Killa. It is one of those forts in which people still live. According to the villagers, the fort is full of Brahmins. There are a few places to visit the fort. The Jain temple, the museum and 4 cannons from where you can have an awesome aerial view of the Jaisalmer City.

Two to three hours are enough to visit the fort as it is a city inside the fort you can get to enjoy various things at the fort such as shopping or having some local delicacies.

Sunset Point Jaisalmer
Sunset Point Jaisalmer

Other attractions in Jaisalmer

The next stop was the Haveliyan’s there are a few Havelis you can visit there is not much to see here just some nice architecture did not go inside just saw it from the outside.

After stopping for some lunch at a hotel I started walking to the Gadisar Lake where I sat chilling and enjoying the awesome atmosphere of the evening. As I was about to leave to head to my hotel I met a localite who said he would take me to the best place to watch the sunset.

I hopped on his Activa and off we left for the spot also known as Suli Point. The view from the point was amazing you could see the beautiful fort and the sun setting in the background, it was like even if you spent all your days watching the sunset from the point it would still be less.

But I had just a day and had to make the most of the atmosphere and the view. The ever-changing colours of the city and the sky as evening turned to night added to the ambiance.

As Night approached I headed back to the hotel as I had to catch a Bus to Jodhpur. As I reached the hotel packed my bags and got ready to leave for the day. Had Dinner at the Hotel and the manager from the hotel dropped me to the bus stop.

I still had some time left with me so gathered a few things like Water and snacks as I wasn’t supposed to book a room in Jodhpur as that wasn’t the plan, little did I know the plan was going to change. I boarded the bus and left for Jodhpur.

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