One day in Jodhpur

As I headed to Jodhpur the bus was supposed to reach at 6 am, but then it reached at 4am. Now I did not have a room so again the best place to visit was checked a few rooms called the cheapest one. He said he had rooms available, so I booked a room and took rest until morning.

I was going to spend only a day over here as there are only a few places to see here the most important being the Mehrangarh Fort.

After waking up I thought of having breakfast at the omelet wale uncle near the Ghanta Ghar but it was closed as it opens at 9:30 so thought of eating it during lunch and started walking towards the fort. The fort is not very far from the city center and can be visited on foot. The Rickshaw charges something around 70Rs but you can always use the OLA app to travel as it turns out to be cheaper if you don’t like walking.

omlet man Jodhpur

While heading to the fort I had a breakfast of some kachoris, samosas and chai another staple of Jodhpur. After an hour to 45 minutes, I finally reached the fort walking through the bylanes of the city enjoying the environment and the blue houses. The Journey through the lanes of the city to the fort was a different experience in itself.

Places to see in Jodhpur

I finally reached the fort one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur, Mehrangarh fort is well maintained and basically is a huge museum if you are not much into history you won’t find it that interesting but then I don’t think you would be expecting anything different from a fort. Going through different rooms of the fort and enjoying the different artifacts present there took me more than two hours, the next stop was the cannon and the gardens a small walk which was away from the museum. The top of the fort was a temple which gave you an awesome aerial view of the blue city, after resting for some time in the gardens of the fort, the next stop was supposed to be Jaswant Thada a small temple-like thing some distance away from the fort. Jaswant Thada offers a beautiful view of the Mehrangarh Fort. The Jaswant Thada is a nice little place not much to see but a cool little place to relax in the afternoon.

Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh Fort from Jaswant Thada

After Jaswant Thada, I went back to the room and slept for some time. In the evening I booked my bus to Udaipur and roamed in and around the Ghanta Ghar trying the famous Lassi and enjoying the evening market each of them trying to sell their wares just sitting and looking at the people doing their thing was an evening well spent. I had booked the last bus to Udaipur as I had little time in to spend in Udaipur so I did not want to spend time looking for hotels.

Before heading to the bus stop though I made a stop at one of the reasonable and good restaurants of Jodhpur Kalinga Restaurant to try the Laal maas. The only local dish that was left for me to try in Rajasthan. After a very good dinner, I headed back to the bus depot. The bus arrived in some time I boarded it for the last destination of my solo trip Udaipur.

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