Lake Side Camping at Khireshwar

Spending time at home watching award functions had become a routine for every New Year. This time we thought of trying something new after thinking about things to do we decided to go camping at Bhandardara or Khireshwar, but as Bhandardara was a famous point and a little far we dropped the idea and changed the location to Khireshwar, It is near Malsej and 200 km from Mumbai.

We thought of carrying everything from Mumbai gathered our stuff packed our bags and left for the Khireshwar lake on the night of the 31st.It was a beautiful drive the roads were nice and a little traffic near the exit of Mumbai but then from there, it was smooth sailing we were heading to the location with the last sun setting in the background. Driving in the Ghats in darkness was an altogether different experience.


Last Sunset

Last Sunset


We reached the lake at around 7:00 in the night found an awesome place to camp and set up our tent. While some of the members went in search of wood some gathered stones for the campfire, once everything was gathered we had a bonfire which was very difficult to maintain as it was our first time creating a bonfire but somehow we had barbeque and dinner in the dark with millions of stars giving us company.
Camping at Khireshwar

Camping at Khireshwar

We clicked photos had fun and sat in the tent chit chatting and waiting for 12, as soon as it was 12 we wished each other and headed out of the tent only to see a beautiful moonrise the first of the year.So we got to see the last sunset the first moon-rise and would also be seeing the first sunrise of the year after listening to music for some time and wishing family and friends a new year we went to sleep in the tent, the weather was cold and it was a little difficult to sleep, We somehow managed to sleep and get up in time for the beautiful sunrise which we were about to witness.
After clicking pictures and enjoying the sunrise we went for a stroll along the banks and over the dam it was very silent and the weather cold and the landscape beautiful.
After roaming for some time we returned back to the campsite had some snacks packed up our tent and cleaned the place, clicked a few group photos and left the place with good memories.On the way back we had some breakfast of poha and tea visited a viewing deck that surrounded the Ghats and also gave us a beautiful view of the whole Ghat area.
We crossed several villages and had Lunch at a Dhaba and continued with our trip home, dropped a few friends home on the way and the beautiful journey ended with lots of memories of the trip.

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