Must Do Beautiful Easy Monsoon Treks near Mumbai

Do you want to know some of the Must Do Beautiful Easy Monsoon Treks near Mumbai?

As soon as it starts raining in Mumbai and Pune, some people become very happy. These are not farmers nor are they frogs, They are TREKKERS, who are looking for this time so that they can head to the mountains and start their treks.

Monsoon Treks near Mumbai

Every trekker knows the rainy season is the best season for trekking, because in this weather the forts, start looking like a beautiful painting. Beautiful green color, small streams flowing, beautiful rainbows, waterfalls falling from each and every direction.

Monsoon Trek to karnala fort.
Trek to Karnala Fort

Beautiful word is also less to describe this beauty. I would say, in the rainy season trekking is like experiencing heaven. Your heart becomes very happy. If you want to experience such beauty and happiness. You can start your journey, by some easy treks. In this blog, we will be showing you some 5 easy treks.


The first trek in this list is PEB FORT, Peb Fort is also known as VikatGadh. Peb fort is near Matheran and to reach here you have to get down at Neral. After getting down at Neral you have to catch a taxi and tell the driver to drop you at the Peb fort starting point. After getting down at 134 NM marking you have to move to the top and keep walking till 154 NM.

The walk along the tracks is very beautiful and you can click a lot of photos along the way. After reaching 154 NM you have to take a right and you will find the way to the trek. The route is well marked and a lot of people trek here and following the same route you can reach the top of PEB Fort.


You must have heard about KARNALA, as this is one of the famous bird sanctuaries in Mumbai. To reach Karnala, you will have to take a train to Panvel and then take any transport to reach Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

Once you have an entry ticket you can start trekking to the top. The route is very easy and well-marked as many people come to visit this place. One thing good about Karnala Fort is that there are a lot of different types of Trees and birds here. You can carry binoculars to watch the birds or you can just enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping.


Korigad is situated in our famous hill station Lonavala. To reach Korigad you have to reach Lonavala first from there you can catch a bus to Either Pethshahpur or Amby valley.

After Catching the bus you can reach Pethshahpur. Pethshahpur is the base village of Korigad, From Pethshapur the route to Korigad is well marked and the route to the top is easy because you will find a lot of steps to reach the top. So there is very little chance of getting lost.


To reach Prabalgad, we have to first reach Panvel, From there you need to catch a bus to Thakurwadi. You can also catch a private Trax to Thakurwadi From where you can either go to Kalavantin or Prabalgad.

Kalavntin Durg is a little difficult because the climb is a little risky as the route turns slippery in the rainy season and is open from one side. Prabalgad is comparatively easy the road is well-marked so if you’re inexperienced or have not done many treks head to Prabalgad.


KOTHALIGAD is also known as PETH. Kothaligad is in Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary. So you can either visit the hill station or go trekking.

To reach Peth you have to first reach Karjat and then take a bus to Ambivali or you can catch a private Trax After reaching Ambivali you have to walk to Peth Village.The trek starts from Peth Village.Even this trek is easy and the route is well marked.

So these were our five easy treks, You can start your trekking journey from these 5 treks.

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