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Looking for the ultimate Travel Checklist? Here it is. We have tried to note down all the things you may (or may not) need to bring on your trip. To help you plan your travel more, we have also included an editable and printable list you can customize for every trip! Download the “Printable version” below! provided by

The Travel Checklist Video

Things to Consider while Packing

Most importantly your travel checklist should depend upon your length of travel, your destination and your habits. The checklist should include-Correct size luggage for check-in and cabin luggage not exceeding the free allowance. Depending on what you are going to do on your trip, you need to carry your luggage in e.g. Carrying a trolley bag on a trip that includes a lot of trekking is a strict no-no. Its also important to carry a small bag, to carry your daily usage items like water bottle, power bank, wallets. You don’t want to carry your huge bag everywhere, would you??

The next is the clothes you carry, it usually depends on your choice but packing light clothes is preferable. Always carry shoes that you have been using to prevent shoe bites or uncomfortable feeling during your trip.

While packing Toiletries it is also preferable to add some items from the first Aid kit to the Kit.

If you’re planning an international trip check your VISA and Passport validity. Carry all the necessary documents that might be required during immigration.

Once you have packed all the essential items. You can move to non-essential things like Cards, Speakers and so on while keeping the weight of luggage to a minimum.

The Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist
The packing Checklist

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