Harihar Fort | Stairway to heaven

Situated 90Kms from Kasara and about 200Kms from Mumbai lies the Base village for Nigrupada our base village for the Harihar fort.

Between the initial plans of taking an express to Igatpuri and then taking a ST to the base camp, Driving to the base camp or taking a Train to Kasara and a Jeep, the Plans were made and everybody decided to board the Kasara local as it would be empty as compared to the express and less hectic to drive to the base. We reached Kasara station at 1:30am from where a little bargaining here and there with the Jeep Driver and we settled for Rs 2500 for the to and fro trip to the Base camp of Harihar fort  and back.

Two and a Half hours later we reached the Base camp where we had a quick power nap till 6 6:30 and as soon as the Sun rose we started with the Harihar fort  trek.
As we started early in the morning we had to skip the Breakfast as none of the villagers were up that early, but still we were able to order some lunch for us at Rs100 per Thali at one of the villagers.

Vijendra’s Theplas helped us with the breakfast snack which we had mid-way during the climb. The climb till the Steps was not very difficult and was basically a gentle climb through the forest and hills. It is only once we reached the base of the steps, the real trek started. There are supposed to be 340+ steps we never counted those but the steps were very steep and a little scary for those with fear of heights. Small grooves near the steps makes the climb a little easier as we have something to hold on to while climbing it is advisable for those with height issues to no look back while climbing after a few difficult patches here and there we reached the top in 3,3n1/2 hours.
The Top of the fort is not all that well maintained and most of the things are destroyed except for a Small Shiva and hanuman temple which is at the top. The view from the top was amazing and you could have an awesome 360 view of the area around the fort.

After spending some hours at the top clicking photos exploring the fort it was time for us to descend, one of the most difficult parts of the trek. It was descending the steps this time facing the valley and with no support, a small slip at one of the steps and you go tumbling down directly into the valley which you are facing somehow slowly we were descending in the narrow path on which hardly a person could climb and there are people descending and climbing at the same time making the Descent more difficult. We somehow managed to descend the stairs and then the mountain getting lost on the way down but somehow managed to make it to the village by just walking by heading towards the village.

Once at the Village we had awesome Lunch of some Chapati, Rice, Dal and a spicy mix vegetable. After a nice and filling Lunch we boarded the jeep back to Kasara Station. An Hour, hour and a Half later we were at Kasara Station from where we boarded the Train to CST. Bring another one of our treks to end. Everybody was home by 7:00, 7:30 with good memories of the Trek.

We were 8 people on the trek so Rs 300 for the Jeep and Rs 100 for the thali and some money here and there for tea and snacks. An awesome trek for as low as Rs 500.
If you want to join us for any such treks or need any more info about the trek feel free to contact me.

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6 Responses

  1. Stairways to heaven or Hell.

  2. i am from jawhar location please to tell how i go

    • pravasibaba says:

      Jawhar Phatya varun Bus kivha jeep milel Nigrupada saathi. Usually Trimbakeshwarchi Bus pakadne.

  3. Asif says:

    Can we pitch tent over there?
    Do u hv any local guide info?

  4. Amaan says:

    Can we night stay there on the top? We have tents. Are people allowed to stay on the top? Please reply soon

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