Trek To Karnala Fort

It was the start of the Monsoon so had to do a Monsoon Trek, so thought of Starting with an easy trek and the destination was selected as Karnala Fort.

How to Reach Karnala Fort:

We traveled to Karnala using Public Transport, a Train to Panvel and from there a Rickshaw to the Base of the Sanctuary. Train Fare Rs 30 and Rickshaw took Rs 300 for the four of us. You can also take a bus from the ST depot if you want to do a super low budget trip or you can either take your car or two-wheeler as they have designated parking.

The Karnala Fort Trek:

Once we reached the base we got our tickets did which cost us another Rs 35 pp and if you are carrying bottles or chips another Rs 10 per every plastic item.
Once we got done with all the tickets and formalities we started with the trek, our first stop was the sanctuary where they had a few birds like parrots and peacocks. After clicking a few pictures and trying to talk to them we continued with our journey to the top.

The Sanctuary is well maintained and has proper places to eat, sit, and even shop for souvenirs. It can be a good half-day picnic spot if you are looking to chill away from the city, but our destination wasn’t the sanctuary but the Fort which was around a 2-hour climb. Along the way, there was also a board showing the different points we would be coming across our way to the top.

Fog on Karnala Fort
Fog on Karnala Fort

The climb to the top was actually not that difficult and was a mix of steep climbs and plain walks, Also with rest spots made along the way at regular intervals, we did not even feel we had trekked for two hours before we reached the top. Once we reached the top the beautiful Fog covered pinnacle and the view of the surrounding mountain ranges and the forts made us forget the remaining tiredness we had.

We spent an hour or so exploring the top of the fort. After which we had some snacks eggs, chips and biscuits and then started descending again and it started drizzling. More fun but the path became a little slippery. It took us around the similar time to descend but a lot of people had just started climbing the fort, So preferably try to reach the base by 9 and you might find the fort less crowded.

By 2 we had descended back to the Sanctuary, where we had some tasty Bhajiyas, Wada Pavs and Chai made by the women from Shri Samarth Krupa Mahila Mandal. After doing some Pet Puja it was time to head home, while heading home it’s a little difficult as it is difficult to find Rickshaws and STs at the entrance. But we did find a Taxi who took around Rs 50pp and we reached the railway station.

Thus our First trek of Monsoon got completed successfully without any hiccups or problems and the total cost of our trek came to around Rs300.

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