Trek to Devkund Waterfall

The Devkund trek was long pending and was getting canceled for some reason or another. Sometimes due to rains or sometimes due to lack of company. This time we planned on Thursday and left on Friday. Two cars, ten people and we were off to Bhira as soon as were were done with office.

How to reach Devkund waterfall:

We traveled to Devkund using our own Car, we left Mumbai by 5 pm and reached the base camp Bhira by around 10:30 pm. We took the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and then reached the Bhira through the Pali Route. The other option is to take a Direct bus from Borivali which leaves around 3 pm and passes through Panvel at around 4 pm, the bus reaches Bhira around 8-9 pm

Where to stay near Devkund :

There are many homestays near Devkund where one can stay for the night. We had pre-booked a place to stay after searching for it online.The place was called as Vaibhav food Court.The place provided an awesome view of the lake and provides food and stay at reasonable rates, we were around 10 of us so we booked 3 rooms. The average cost of stay and food near the falls is Rs 800.

The Devkund Trek:

We stayed at Vaibhav food Court for the night. After waking up Early morning and having breakfast of Poha and Chai, We registered ourselves at the entrance and started with the trek. We were assigned a guide as soon as the trek began
(Cost of guide is 500 for a group).

The start of the trek is not that difficult and it passes through beautiful forests and plains with rivers cutting through them. Only once you pass the bridge is where the difficult part of the climb starts. A steep climb of around 45 minutes.

After the steep climb we came across a river. Once you cross this part you get the first views of the beautiful Devkund falls. As we had reached the place early there was no one and we could enjoy our time at the falls. Relaxing in the Kund for around an hour or so we started back to the Vaibhav food court. At the food court some delicious Chicken Thali was waiting for us,

The whole trek took us around 5-6 hours inclusive of the time spent in the pool. Begineers can also do this trek but it gets difficult during the monsoon due to flash floods.

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