How to plan your Goa trip on a Budget?

It started with a plan to do a Goa trip in the Monsoons and also visit Dudsagar falls on the way. So booked an early morning Janashatabdi and headed to GOA. Only during the journey did I come to know that the train wouldn’t pass through Dudhsagar falls. So visiting the falls would remain a dream this time as well.

Baina Beach, Goa
Baina Beach, Goa

The unplanned Goa Trip

So leaving Dudsagar falls behind I continued with my unplanned GOA trip. Spending around a week there exploring VASCO, NORTH GOA, and Panaji. The whole trip cost me not more than 5K including food, stay and travel from Mumbai.

Places Visited during the Goa Trip:

  • Vasco.
  • Grandmother’s Hole Beach.
  • Baina Beach.
  • Arambol Beach.
  • Aguada Fort
  • Chapora Fort.
  • Calangute beach
  • Dona Paula
  • Miramar Beach


After getting down at Madgaon, the first thing I did was catch a bus to the Madgaon Bus Depot. From the bus stand another Bus to Panaji Bus Stand. After reaching Panaji, the next thing was to search for a hotel. Turned on the OYO app tried to look for a few hotels. I couldn’t find anything nearby so settled at the Government hotel which cost around Rs1200. The next day was spent visiting the beautiful town of Vasco. The Places that I visited were Grandmothers Hole beach and Baina Beach.


North Goa

The next day I had booked a South Goa trip. But due to some miscommunications, it ended up being a North Goa one. The trip took us to Aguada fort and some beaches on the way. The last spot for the day was Calangute beach where I booked a beachside resort for around Rs 900.

North Goa

The next day I rented a scooter. Our destination for today was Arambol, where I spent the afternoon. After spending some time at Arambol, I headed back to Calangute. On the way back I visited the Chapora fort and some other beaches on the way. I had dinner at the beautiful sea-facing Olive restaurant.


It was the last day in Goa. I headed back to Panaji to visit Dona Paula which has now been closed because of some structural problems after which I headed to the beautiful Miramar Beach.


Goa to Mumbai

I had already booked a late-night bus to Mumbai. So on reaching Calangute, I returned the scooty and caught the last bus to Mapusa and headed back to Mumbai.

Thus my unplanned trip to Goa came to an end with some amazing memories and adventures.

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