Road trip to Dapoli using the Coastal Highway

A road-trip in the middle of Diwali Vacations…towards the beach after the main Diwali was over and restrictions on going on a vacation were lifted we started our Dapoli Road trip early morning at 7:00 which turned out to be 8:00.

Reaching Dapoli

We left the city on Monday morning for the Dapoli Road trip in anticipation of empty roads we took the Express Highway till the Khopoli exit, from where we took the road that leads us to the Mumbai-Goa Highway with a green canopy of trees, winding roads, and vada pav stalls along the way. Throughout the road was in very good condition until we reached the Mumbai-Goa Highway from where the roads turned from bad to Worst.

road to dapoli
road to dapoli

Where we stayed in Dapoli

Since we wanted to reach the hotel at an earlier hour, we did not make any other stop along the way. Except for lunch at Aswad hotel which served excellent Chicken Kadai, Rotis and Solkadi. The condition of roads was so bad that a 5-hour journey took us 8 hours to complete.

We had already made our Bookings at Hotel Sealord so searching for rooms wasn’t much of an issue. The rooms were spacious and were reasonable.

Hotel sea lord
Hotel sea lord

What we did in Dapoli

We left for Murud Beach after a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. The beach was around 10 km away from the hotel along rustic village lanes. Having said that, the beach was clean, wide and the sea was welcoming. A perfect place for anyone looking for some rest & relaxation!

Dapoli Beach
Dapoli Beach

Second Day in Dapoli

After returning to our rooms we ordered our dinner at the hotel where we were staying and then left for a nearby beach to enjoy the cool breeze and watch the night stars. After an hour or so we returned to our hotels for a tasty seafood dinner of Surmai thali, Pomfret thali,and some delicious Prawns gravy.

The Next day we had to leave early as we had a few locations to visit and then return home too. Considering the same time to return home too, we had to leave the place by 1 or 2 to atleast reach home by 10.

Harne bander
Harne bander

We started our early morning journey to Harnai and Anjarle beach. The first location was Harnai where we had to visit the harnai Bunder to enjoy the Fish auction as well as the Suvarnadurg Fort.

On Reaching Harnai one can take a boat ride to the fort. The boat ride cost us Rs 100 per person, it’s 1000 rs for a boat. The Fort is not at all well maintained. A small path is made by the villagers to earn some money from tourism. The view of the sea and the mini beach near the fort was worth the visit to the fort.

Suvarnadurga Fort

The Next location was the fish auction where we got fishes of different types. It ranged from Surmai’s, Pomfrets, Prawns both wet and Dry. We purchased some fish 3 Surmais, Pomfrets, and prawns for Rs1000. It was very well packed so it does not get spoilt for a few days. The only problem is that your car may stink after the Trip.

Harne fish Market
Harne fish Market

After some fish shopping, we moved to Kadevarcha Ganpati in Anjarle. It was some 10Kms from the Harnai Bunder with a small little temple and various shops outside. They were selling local specialties like papad’s, masalas, and Serbats. Some shopping of Papads and Serbats and we were off to Mumbai.

We headed back home via the Anjarle- Madangad- Goregaon- Mumbai Goa Highway route with the heart & mind refreshed to hit the mayhem called Mumbai thus ending our Dapoli Road trip…till the next weekend trip!

How to reach Dapoli:

Mumbai Pune expressway- Pali -Vakan- Mandangarh- Dapoli- Murud

Anjarle- Madangad- Goregaon- Mumbai Goa Highway route

Time taken: Around 8 Hours (with one break)

Hotel Stayed at: Hotel Sea Lord:

Lunch Done at: Hotel Aswad

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