One Day Trip to Kolkata

On our recent trip to Bhutan, we had spent a day visiting the beautiful city of Kolkata. Kolkata has so much to offer from the different types of monuments to the world-famous bridges and the oldest city. But can you cover the City in a Day? Read on to find out.

How did we reach Kolkata:

There are a few options to reach Kolkata, one of the best and the quickest would be to book a flight from Mumbai. It cost you around Rs 3000 if you book it earlier and may go up to Rs 5000.

The other and the slower one would be taking one of the many trains heading to Kolkata ranging from 24 hours to 36 hours you can consider this mode if you have a lot of time at hand and want to enjoy the various states that the train would be passing through.

So, most of us reached by plane and got down at Kolkata Airport.

How did we Travel in Kolkata?

Once you get down there is a wide range of Travel options to choose from you can either take an OLA, UBER or the iconic Yellow Ambassador to reach the city.

I took an OLA and reached my friend’s place near Howrah, but if you are just there for a day you can head to Seldah or Howrah station keep your bags at the cloakroom and then continue with your sightseeing.

So, after keeping our bags at the Seldah Railway Station, we headed to the Victoria Memorial.

What can you see in Kolkata?

The first location on our list was the Victoria Memorial, which is a memorial built for Queen Victoria and it’s now turned into a Museum. You can spend your time enjoying the architecture and the various exhibits before you head to the Alipore Zoo.

One of the biggest zoos that I have ever seen with animals ranging from Tigers, Lions Giraffes, Elephants, Rhinos and so on. It would take around 3-4 hours to visit the zoo, from where we headed to have some lunch at a local food Joint.

Some nice lunch, we then headed to the various other locations like the Planetarium, the cathedral and then a Metro ride to Esplanade.

From the Esplanade railway station, we walked through the Kolkata markets to the Eden garden Stadium and then to the Ghats at the Hooghly river. We sat on the banks of the river watching the beautiful sunset with the beautiful Howrah Bridge. After the sunset, we took a boat ride to reach Howrah Station.

After reaching Howrah Station we took a bus to reach Seldah Station from where we headed to our next stop Siliguri.

How Much will you spend in Kolkata?

Transportation and food in Kolkata are cheap. You can eat at the many street food joints present all over Kolkata. So, food and Travel costs can be minimized if you don’t try anything luxurious.

Transport also doesn’t cost you much as most of the places can be covered on foot. The Bus and metro Fares are not higher than Rs 20 to move inside the City.

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