One Day Trip to Vandri Lake

As the new year was approaching as always we went out on a search for a camping spot,this time around it was Vandri Lake which is situated around 90 Kms from Mumbai.

How to Reach Vandri Lake:

The next thing that came to our mind was how do we reach there there were two options may be three, One taking the car, two taking the Bus or three taking the train as it was just the three of us we took a train to Saphale and from there a Bus to Varai Naka. From Varai naka one can either walk to the lake or catch a tumtum or a share jeep to the lake.

The other mode is the Car which would directly take you to the lake or the bus from thane or Kalyan which would drop you at Dekhale and from where you can walk to the Lake.

The Vandri Lake:

After getting down from the bus we started walikng towards Dekhale Village, but as Lijoy and Yogesh had to reach Mumbai early we got into a shared van which charged Rs 10 and dropped us to the base of the Vandri Dam.

As we got down from the Van it was nothing extraordinary and everything looked in ruins and dry, so we thought of walking towards the Dam to see if there was something or our 3 hour journey to the lake was a waste of time.

So we started walking towards the Dam,a little exploring here and there and find places to camp we finally reached the top of the Dam, the view of the Vandri lake from the Dam was beautiful. The blue waters and people riding bamboo boats to reach the island in the lake.

After walking around the lake and Dam we couldnt come across any where we could camp, there was also some shooting going on which made our efforts to move freely near the Dam difficult. Finally we sat on the banks of the river and trying to decide the next course of action

We decided as we were only 5 people for the lakeside camping why not head to Khireshwar which we had visited around 4 years ago. So it was decided we would be taking a chance and visiting Khireshwar lake, hoping that nothing has changed at the Pimpaljoga Dam.

After resting and enjoying the views Vandri lake had to offer we started walking back to Dekhale Village from where we took a Jeep to Vasai road and then a shared Taxi to Ghodbunder road and then an ST bus to Thane Railway station.

So another sucessful and uneventful trip to Vandri lake was completed I dont think the cost went higher than Rs 500.

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