A trip to Alibag’s Kolaba Fort

It was three months since the last trip and as something or the other cropped up during the weddings be it a friends wedding or family functions. We were wondering if we could go anywhere. Finally a free weekend arrived only a sunday though.So we made a one day trip to Alibag’s Kolaba fort.

How to Reach the Fort:

We had been to Alibag before using our Car but we had not used the ferry Service before, So this time as it was a one day trip taking the Car would not have made sense and it would have been hectic so we took the Ferry to Alibag.

The Ferry to Alibag cost us around Rs 140 and included the Bus tickets from Mandava Jetty to Alibag Depot. There is also a Bus from Mumbai but the Boat journey is more fun.

The Kolaba Fort:

The Ferry Ride from Gateway of India to Mandwa Jetty took us an hour from where a bus was waiting for us to take us to the Alibag Bus Depot.

As we got down from the bus we saw how long the Kolaba fort was and it was not that far Just 2Kms so we thought of walking the distance. After a walk for around 20 Mins or so we reached the Beach, as we were short on time Yogesh and Me started our search for a boat that would be taking us to the Kolaba Fort. After roaming the beach looking for a boat we finally came across a boy who would be taking us to the fort for Rs. 200 pp.

Reach Kolaba fort
Reach Kolaba fort

So we called the others hopped onto the boat and started our journey towards the fort. Around 20 mins of the motorboat ride and we were at the Kolaba Fort. After paying an entry fee we entered the fort. There are a lot of things to see in the fort like the Apsara Jalashay, a few temples and cannons. This is one of the forts which is still well maintained and around 2 or 3 hours can be spent exploring the fort.

After spending around 2 hours at the fort we called the boat to pick us up at the fort, He arrived and we started back to the Alibag beach. We were feeling hungry so we started looking for places offering local food but as we were a little late most of the Shops were closing or the food they had cooked was over.

We decided to walk towards the Bus depot and see if we could find any restaurant on the way, after walking for some time we came across a restaurant called Sai Palace Restaurant which offered some amazing Chicken and seafood.

After a tasty and awesome lunch, we reached the Alibag Depot from where we got the Ferry tickets back to Mumbai. This time around there was no bus to take us to the Mandwa Jetty but so many TumTums waiting for the passengers to get into them and then dropping them at the Jetty. As it was a Sunday the Jetty was crowded with people and it took us around an hour to just get into the ferry. We finally got into the boat which took us back to Mumbai with the sun setting in the Background.

So another successful and fun trip to Kolaba Fort was completed under Rs 1500, the cost can be lower if you can save on food.

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