A Day in Siliguri

On our recent trip to Bhutan after spending a day in Kolkata we caught a Night Train to NJP from where we  spent the day sightseeing Siliguri, the next day we were supposed to take a bus or book a private taxi which would be taking us to Bhutan.

How to reach Siliguri from Mumbai?

There are a few options to reach Siliguri one of the best and the quickest would be to book a flight from Mumbai to Bagdogra which would have a halt at either Kolkata or Delhi and then take a bus or a Rickshaw form Bagdogra Airport to Siliguri. Air tickets will cost you around Rs 3000- 6000Rs depending on when you get the tickets booked.

The other and the slower option would be taking one of the many trains heading to Siliguri they take around 30 hours to 42 hours depending on the type of train, you can consider this mode if you have a lot of time at hand and want to enjoy the various states that the train would be passing through.In our case most of us reached by plane to Kolkata and then took a late-night train from Seldah to NJP.

How to Travel in Siliguri?

Once we got down at NJP we were swarmed by various Taxi and Rickshawala’s who promised to take us to the best hotel and show us around the city, but we had to prepare for the next day so we headed to a Tour guy who showed us the plan and what he would charge us for travelling in Bhutan. It came to around Rs 5000 per head for 9 people, which would be a good deal and considering it would come upto Rs 500 per person. He also booked us rooms in a Hotel for around Rs1k for 3 people.

For the travelling and Sightseeing we used public transport i.e took a bus to Siliguri and a rickshaw to see the Science center and the Tea Gardens. Late Night we strolled the streets of NJP on foot trying the different cuisines.

What to see and eat in Siliguri?

The first location on our list was the City Center, which is a mall. We did not want to shop anything so we had food here at the KFC while me and Yogesh ate Momo’s and Thupkas’s at a local Joint for as low as Rs 30.

After filling our stomachs, it was time to head to the other sightseeing places but as it was late in the evening we couldn’t cover all the places and thought of visiting the Science center and the tea Gardens. The Science center had various science exhibits and Science shows which could be enjoyed by all. The Tea gardens were nothing great and can be missed.

After the science center we headed back to our rooms and then headed to stroll the streets of NJP to try the local food. We Tried the Chicken pakodas, the Aloo Chops and the Famous Puchkas. Late in the night the Dinner was done at a small restaurant with 120Rs veggie and 4 Rs Chapatis. Dinner for 4 Cost us just Rs 200.

How Much will you spend in Siliguri?

As we travelled on foot and in public transport the cost of travelling wasn’t high. With Bus Fares of Rs 25 per head and Rickshaw Rs 10 per head we hardly spent more than Rs 50 on travelling in Siliguri. The Hotel cost us Rs 1000 per room for 3 which came to around Rs 400 per head.

So, Transport Rs 50, Stay Rs 300 for a night and some Street food, Chai and Dinner at a local place cost Rs 150-200 per person. So, the total cost came to around Rs 500 – 600 pp with food, travel and Stay.

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