Andaman Diaries – Port Blair to Diglipur via the ATR

So after a tiring first day at Port Blair roaming around and visiting all the touristy places, we had to get up at 330 to move to Diglipur 13 hours in the car after a tiring day wasn’t a very good idea of a relaxing trip to the Andaman’s, but little did we know what the trip had in store for us.

Getting up at 330 was a pain as we had slept late and we tired the previous day but we somehow managed to get ready pack our bags and head down to meet Roshan our Driver for three days for our trip to Port Blair-Diglipur-Rangat from where we were going to head to Havelock.

Got into the taxi it had cost us Rs 18000 for all of us with boat tickets from Rangat to Havelock. We left the hotel not knowing how long the journey would be taking and also if it was the right decision.

After driving for some time we reached a checkpoint from where all the vehicles needed to move in a convoy and the first convoy was supposed to leave at 6:00, so we waited to have some tea and breakfast.

Convoy waiting
Convoy waiting

The Convoy was supposed to cross the tribal belt of the Jharwa tribe, The tourists are not allowed to talk, feed or stop to meet the tribals. The Convoy started at 6:00 and it is a 50 Km stretch which takes about 2 hours to cross and if you are lucky you even get to see some of the Tribal’s, we did get a chance to see some of the tribal children sitting beside the road and enjoying the view if the convoy passing.

Ferry to cross the river

At 830 9 we reached the first ferry where for 8 Rs per head it takes you to the other island of Baratang. Where we had a good breakfast of some Malabar Paratha Usal and fish curry 2 3 Parathas and we were sorted for the day.

River crossed using ferry

We carried on with the journey crossing many such islands and forests enjoying the nature and the other side of the Andaman’s other than the beaches and seas we were exploring the rural villages and rural life, we were exploring the mountains and forests all this and more in just that 13 hour ride from Port Blair to Diglipur.

Diglipur beach
Diglipur beach

Finally, at 4 we did finally manage to reach Diglipur with various photo stops and pit-stops on the way where we enjoyed the various beaches, forests and also met the locals.

So was the 13-hour journey worth it, it surely was if you want to explore the other side of the Andaman’s and you have time at your hand you shouldn’t give the road trip to Diglipur a miss.

Diglipur Town
Diglipur Town

Place where we stayed at Diglipur it was a Hotel just before you enter the city of Diglipur and it costs us around 2000 for the 7 of us.

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