Andaman Diaries – The Preparation

It was time for a new quarter to start and as usual, a trip needed to be made so many locations to choose from the Himalayas in the north or the Beaches of the south. A small research on MakeMyTrip and Skyscanner we found that the tickets for the Andaman Islands were cheap Rs 12000 for a return flight directly from Mumbai seemed like a good deal that shouldn’t be missed. So messages were sent on Whatsaap groups but this time too the usual 5 (Lijoy Abhishek, Nikhil and Yogesh) were more than ready to join Parag and Vikram also joined us this time all being office friends.

Tickets were booked which were actually nonrefundable so no one could back out at the last moment, I think this should be done every time a trip is planned so that by the time the Day of the trip arrives everyone is still on the plan and very slight chances of people backing out.

chilling in the Andamans

Chilling in the Andaman Islands

The next step was booking the scuba and stay in Havelock, being march we had thought it would be an off-season but we were wrong there is no such Off-season in Andaman. The rainy season can be called as off-season but the crowds are still there. Called a few Diving clubs in Havelock to make inquiries and finally settled for Barefoot Scuba the reason their reviews were good on Tripadvisor and the stay was for as low as Rs 150 p/p so the stay and activity in Havelock came down to just Rs 4000 for 4 days including stay and Scuba.

A little more research for what all can be done in Andaman and came across an article on Night Kayaking by Tanaz and we were lucky that she was going to have a session on the days we were in Havelock, so the next call was made to Tanaz and the bookings were made. An awesome trip of kayaking in the night with stars above and stars below (Bio-luminescence).

With all bookings nearly done we left the stay in Portblair and North Andaman to be done once we reached there as Hotels were a little costly online.

With all the bookings done the last part was the shopping some light clothes, Flipflops, rucksack and other travel essentials later we were packed and ready to hop into the flight and begin with our 10 day trip to the pristine and clean beaches of Andaman Islands.

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