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One Tree Hill 0

Trek to One Tree Hill

When life gives you a hand to jump out of your Pyjamas and take the first train that you get, This is what we did, Last month life gave us a destination One Tree...

Devkund Waterfalls 0

Trek to Devkund Waterfalls

A trip to Devkund was long pending and used to get canceled for some reason or another. Sometimes due to rains or sometimes due to lack of company. This time we planned on Thursday...

Climb to Tandulwadi Fort 0

Trek to Tandulwadi Fort

With the trek to Kohoj fort completed we started to look for newer places to trek, then i came across this article about Tandulwadi fort another fort that was located near Virar, more precisely...

Kohoj Fort 0

Trek to Kohoj Fort, Palghar

With most of our treks happening near the Central line of Mumbai, this time we thought of heading to Palghar to trek the Kohoj fort. A trek which started with around 10 people came...

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