Trek to Kohoj Fort, Palghar

Kohoj fort is not as famous as other treks from the Central line. It is situated near Palghar and its base village is Vaghote. After researching for forts around Mumbai we came across was Kohoj fort. 

How to Reach Kohoj Fort:

Depending on where you are coming from there are different ways to reach the Kohoj Fort:

As we were travelling from Mumbai, this is the route we followed:

  • Metro from Ghatkopar to Andheri.
  • Local Train from Andheri to Palghar (Dahanu Local)
  • Bus from Plaghar Bus depot. (Get down at Vaghote)
  • From Kalyan bus to Wada.
  • From Wada to Palghar Bus. (Get down at Vaghote)

You can also reach Vaghote by a private vehicle, which is the Base village of Kohoj Fort

The Kohoj Trek:

After reaching the base of the fort we thought about having breakfast. As this place does not see many trekkers there were no food stalls. It is preferable to have breakfast at either Palghar or Wada Bus Depot.

There are children in the village who act as guides and charge some money for it, but as we were looking to do it solo, they suggested that the trek is well marked and can be done without any difficulty.

The route to the top was through forests and steep climbs, it can be considered moderate difficulty. The route was marked well with arrows and that made navigation easy. The trek turned out to be a bit tiring because of the humid weather and there being no wind.

Things To See on top of Kohoj Fort:

After Reaching the plateau there are a few things to see on the top:

  • One of the major attractions on the top is a pinnacle that looks like a man.
  • The 3 Hanuman temples on the top.
  • Shiva Temple
  • Two Water cisterns.
  • The actual fort was in ruins. 

Reaching back home:

In around 3 hours we were at the base of Kohoj Fort. We waited on the highway for a Bus for a few hours.

Finally, we were able to find a Rickshaw that took us to Wada bus Depot. From where we took a bus to Thane.

We had only eaten the chips and eggs we had got. At the Bhivandi Bus Depot, Yogesh gave us some Wada Pavs and headed home. After an hour so Lijoy and Me reached home.

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