Trek to One Tree Hill

When life gives you a hand to jump out of your Pyjamas and take the first train that you get, This is what we did, Last month life gave us a destination One Tree Hill and we all Jumped to visit the lonely tree on a hill.

How to reach One Tree Hill

We started early morning from Karjat station and took a taxi ride to Bare village Ambewadi. The taxi fare to Ambewadi was 400 rupees for five people. Half an hour later we reached Ambewadi and our trail started through houses of the bare village in Ambewadi.

The One Tree Hill Trek

The views throughout our trek were breathtaking with a lake on one side, the valley on the other and the fog above us giving us less visibility of the trail. After one and half hours trekking through trails, forests and the slippery trail we reached a dead stop. The only way to reach one tree hill was the mighty waterfall standing in between us. We had to climb the waterfall and after a treacherous and slow climb, we reached the top of the waterfall. A tree waiting for us on the top of the hill. Thus the name of the trek. The view was foggy but the views, nature and the drizzle made the whole trek worthwhile.

The whole Trek took us around 2 and half hours to climb and the trek is moderate in difficulty.

After the trek completed we visited a few spots in Matheran and had our Lunch in the market. The Trip ended with a walk to Dasturi Naka from where we caught a taxi which took us back to Matheran Railway Station.

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