Beach Trip | Things to do in Dapoli

Ever thought of spending the weekend in a quiet little beach town but want to try something new other than the usual Alibaug and Goa. Why not head to the small town of Dapoli

which is 250Kms from Mumbai. And makes an excellent spot to spend the weekend especially if you are a sea food and a Beach lover.

But what can you do once you reach there, Read on to find out:

The actual Dapoli trip:

The road to reach Harne is beautiful with sea on one side and mountains on another, the ride is enjoyable except for the road from Mumbai to Dapoli whose condition which is not very good.

The Sea food:

The tasty seafood Thali is a must try here, you can have everything from Surmai to Paplet to prawns and even then it won’t make a dent on your pocket. After the thali you can always have solkadi a local delicacy made of coconut milk, kokum and spices. If you love fish you can also purchase the fish from the local harbor for very low rates. The fisherwomen pack the fishes in thermocol boxes and ice so that they can be taken home.

The Beaches:

The Beaches here are worth visiting. As soon as you reach near Harne you can ride all along the coast and visit Karde, Harnai and Anjarle on the way. The beaches Harnai and Anjarle beaches are crowded but you can always visit Karde or Murud to enjoy the sunset minus the crowd.

The Forts:

There are several forts that can be visited in and around Dapoli. Suvarnadurg is a sea fort that is worth visiting near the Harne Bundar. The boat ride costs Rs. 1000 per boat and carries 8 to 10 people at a single time. They are not that well maintained but the view of the sea and the small beach makes it a worth visit. There are many other small forts nearby that too can be visited like madangad and kanakdurg.

The Temples:

There are a few temples that too can be visited. But the Kadevarcha Ganapati is a worth visit. It is a very old temple which has been recently renovated it also has a small turtle Pond nearby. If you want to shop something local there are small shops nearby that sell local stuff like papads, masalas and kokum sorbets.

All in all a budget trip to A small and quiet coastal town.

Hotel: Hotel SeaLord, Karde
Room Cost :Rs. 2000 for 5 people
Food:Rs 3000 for 5 people
Travelling by Car 540 Kms including sight seeing

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