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The Kinnaur Belt can be considered one of the less frequented tourist places in the Himachal Pradesh starting a little further away from Shimla, lie small villages all the way to the Spiti valley. The villages are a must visit and give you a peaceful environment to enjoy the calmness and beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

So once you head there. a few villages which should be visited and should be made a part of your Itinerary.


Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak

This is a village situated about 150 kms away from Shimla and would mostly be the starting or last village of your trip. The village is very small and offers view of the mountains it is one of the highest places you will be visiting. Hatu Peak and the lake near the Naag Devta Mandir is a must watch.


Bhimkali Temple

Bhimkali Temple

The next stop would be Sarahan it is the village of the chief minister Raj Vir Bhadra Singh and it is famous for its large temple complex of Bhimakali Mata. The other places you can spend visiting would be the Ministers palace and his huge gardens.

Drive from Sarahan to Sangla

The drive from Sarahan to Sangla is in itself a journey and has many to see places, you will be crossing the Ghats and the most deadly road, The River Sutlej would be accompanying you throughout the trip. The few mighty dams built over the rivers are also a must watch.


After crossing the deadliest road you reach Sangla it is one of the commercialized towns in this belt. The Kamru fort is a must visit place followed by the temple. If you are into adventure there are a few treks that can be done all across Sangla, One of them would be the trek to batseri village and on the way you can visit the trout farms. You can also visit Chitkul for the beauty it has to offer and the last village near the indo Tibet border.

Recong Peo

Kinnaur range

Kinnaur range

It is one of those places where you can shop till you drop, from shawls of Kinnaur to the kinnauri jeera you can get it all here. It is a good place to shop and it is cheaper from the other areas.


It is 5 kms from Peo and offers the best view of the might Kinnaur Kailash peaks. It also has a Tibetan monastery and a beautiful temple where you can just sit and enjoy the cold breeze and the majestic view of the Kailash ranges in front of you.

But the beauty of the whole trip would be the routes which you take you to the various places, the people of Kinnaur and the various small trails and treks which take to beautiful places. So the more you explore this region the more you’ll fall in love with this place.

So happy exploring

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