10 Days of Ganpati

One of the festivals that are celebrated in Mumbai is Ganesh Chaturthi in which the Pooja of Lord Ganpati is done.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for one and a half, Three, FIve, Seven and Eleven days. Lokmanaya Tilak started the festival during the British rule to unite the local people as holding public gatherings during the time was not allowed. During this time people bring an idol of Ganpati and do puja for the period the Ganpati is at home. Neighbours and relatives visit the idols and offer their prayers to them. Different types of flowers, sweets and fruits are offered to the idol during this time.

During the days of Ganpati, many people usually in Maharashtra visit their native places where the festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. All the villagers visit each other’s places to sing aartis and bhajans. Some villagers also invite other villagers to their place some from some Dinner.

The Cities usually have huge Pandals erected by huge mandals all throughout the cities with different design and architecture. The major Mandals would be the Lalbaugcha raja, GSB Mandal, Sahyadri and so on.

Village Ganesh Chaturthi

Village Ganesh Chaturthi

The visarjan day is not to be missed, huge processions are taken out with the idols and people sing and dance while the Ganpati is taken to the water body.As the Ganpati is about to be immersed people sing aartis and pray for their well being. During the Visarjans people from all walks of life come to the streets to bid adieu to their favorite lord Ganesha ho had stayed with them during the brief period of time.The favorite chant during this time is GANAPATI BAPPA MAURYA. PUDHCHYA VARSI LAVKAR YA. Which also means Lord Ganesha Bless us and come early the next year

Ganesh Visarjan

Ganesh Visarjan



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