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Climb to Tandulwadi Fort 0

Trek to Tandulwadi Fort

With the trek to Kohoj fort completed we started to look for newer places to trek, then i came across this article about Tandulwadi fort another fort that was located near Virar, more precisely...

Kohoj Fort 0

Trek to Kohoj Fort, Palghar

With most of our treks happening near the Central line of Mumbai, this time we thought of heading to Palghar to trek the Kohoj fort. A trek which started with around 10 people came...

Ratangad 0

Trek to Ratangad | Jewel of Forts

The second trek of 2019 was planned for Ratangad, after a first failed attempt which took us to a Dead End and then Mahuli this time we took public transport to reach Kasara and...

Karnala Fort 0

Trek To Karnala Fort

It was start of Monsoon so had to do a Monsoon Trek, so thought of Starting with an easy trek and the destination was selected as Karnala Fort. How to Reach Karnala Fort: We...

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