Trek to Kohoj Fort, Palghar

With most of our treks happening near the Central line of Mumbai, this time we thought of heading to Palghar to trek the Kohoj fort. A trek which started with around 10 people came down to Just 3 people by the time the date of the Trek came. Read on to find out more about the trek.

How to Reach Kohoj Fort:

We travelled to Kohoj using the Public Transport, a Train to Andheri and from there another train (Dahanu Local), We got down at Palghar Railway Station from where we took an hour long bus-ride and got down at the base of Kohoj Fort (Vaghote). Yogesh took another mode of transport a direct bus from Kalyan which took him to Wada and another bus from Wada to Palghar he got down at the base of Kohoj (Vaghote).

The Kohoj Trek:

It took us around 2 hours to reach the base village of the Kohoj Fort, Vaghote. Once we reached the base we met Yogesh as we were already late we skipped the Breakfast and directly started the trek to Kohoj Fort.

We asked at the base for the trek route to a few children who act as guides and charge some money to take you to the top. They said the route was straight and it wouldn’t be very difficult to complete the trek. The trek started through a village slowly taking us through farms and then to a Dam/ Lake. Walking along the lake we came across a stream, Which we had to cross and the actual trek started.

The climb to the top was actually not that difficult and was a mix of steep and normal climbs through forests. There was one point in the trek where we took a small break and had some breakfast of boiled eggs which we had carried. We also came to know that we still had a lot to cover, so we again started the climb.

The Route can be a little difficult and confusing at times but its marked with arrows and if you follow the arrows you can make it to the top without any trouble. Also the humid weather and lack of wind made the trek a little difficult. Finally after 2 hours of walking through the forest and rocky patches we reached the plateau  where we were greeted by a lord Shiva temple and 2 cisterns and a beautiful view. We still had an hour of exploring to do and it was already late as we had reached by around 2pm.

By 2 we started the final ascend to the top of Kohoj fort where the main attraction the Pinnacle which looked like a man due to wind erosion. The other things which we saw on the top were the 3 Hanuman temples on the top and the actual fort which was in ruins.  After exploring for a hour or so we started descending as we did not know the bus timing to either Wada or Palghar from the base.

We were at the base of Kohoj Fort in around 3 hours, We waited on the highway for a Bus but there wasn’t any nor any Rickshaw that would take us to the nearest bus Depot. We thought we would have to spend the night on the highway, But finally a Rickshaw arrived and took us to the Wada bus Depot. From where we took a bus to Thane.

No breakfast no lunch and no tea , we only ate the chips and eggs we had got. At the Bhivandi Bus Depot Yogesh gave us some Wada Pavs and he headed home after an hour so Lijoy and Me reached home with another successful trek complete.

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